Tenerife May 2014


Why Tenerife:

To be honest I never thought I’d go to Tenerife. All I’d ever heard about it was as a typical Brits-abroad destination and so I never really gave it much credit. Nick however had been there when he was a student on a Geology fieldtrip and raved about the interesting landscape and beauty of the island and so I let him convince me and off we headed with dreams of volcanoes and beaches.

El Medano:

We chose El Medano and the surrounding area on the south-west of the island, hearing that it was less touristy and had some good surf for Nick to try out. While still on the tourist trail, El Medano was by no means overrun and had a nice chilled out vibe, being more a place for Spanish families to enjoy the weekend than the Brits-abroad horror that I had imagined Tenerife to be. Indeed there were plenty of little beaches along the coast that were virtually empty. Although there was plenty of options for things to do nearby we ended up doing very little at all, quickly succumbing to Spanish siestas, mornings lounging on the beach and evenings sipping cocktails. We did rent a couple of bikes so we could cycle around to some of the different beaches, and we took a short hike up Montana Roja for some stunning views across the coast. The surf beach it turned out was actually a kite-surf beach and so very windy. This meant that although Nick did manage to get some surf in, the waves weren’t nearly as good as he hoped and while I enjoyed lazing on the beach with a good book I did get battered somewhat by a combination of wind and sand. That said, we both had a really lovely time in, soaking up the sunshine and enjoying a more easy-going pace of life.


Turquoise waters


View from the top of Montana Roja


Kite-surfing beach with Montana Roja in the background



We stayed in two different places in Tenerife. The first was Los Amigos Hostel in La Mareta. This was a colourful backpackers’ hostel in a quieter area of the island. The hostel with well-run with friendly staff and clean rooms. Being on the windy side of the island the hostel attracted kite-surfers, wind surfers and generally more adventurous types who were interesting to sit and have a beer with in the evenings. After two nights we moved into El Medano itself to a small rented apartment. This place was really amazing, located right on the beach front with a balcony overlooking the sea. In fact it was so nice that we almost wished we hadn’t wasted two days staying in the hostel but gone straight there.


Our hostel in La Mareta


Hostel patio


Apartment in El Medano


View from our apartment balcony


Food and drink:

The food in Tenerife was amazing. Lots of fresh fish and seafood, salads and paella which we absolutely made the most of. I was still eating fish at the time and so I’m not quite sure what the food would be like for vegetarians but the restaurants all seems very accommodating and so I’m sure there would be something tasty to eat. In terms of drink, we didn’t go out drinking that much in the evenings but there were lots of nice little bars serving beers and cocktails along the beach front and I don’t think I drank anything that wasn’t a pina colada the entire week!




Fresh seafood dinner


Afternoon cocktail in the sun



I started out with serious reservations about going to Tenerife but I have to say I have been converted. I’m sure that there are parts of the island that are overrun with boozy Brits on package holidays but the part we went to felt authentically Spanish and I have to say it’s one of the most relaxing holidays I’ve ever been on. I’d definitely recommend giving it a go if you have the opportunity.


Cheers, Tenerife!