Summer travels!

by miasmisadventures

Now that I’m all up to date with my blog I can now start to get excited about my trips happening this summer. Somehow, despite thinking that I’d have no holidays at all this year, I’ve managed to once again end up going away for the entire summer holidays! This year I am again taking three trips: The first trip, and the one which I am the most excited for, is a three week trip to Panama and New York. The second is a four night holiday in Krakow, Poland, and finishing off the summer I’ll be off for one of my regular visits to France.

Let’s go through them all one at a time!

My mum has a house out in France and with very cheap Ryanair flights I’m lucky enough to go out there fairly regularly and so my trip out there will be to see her again, this time with Nick in tow. This will be a lovely, relaxing end to the summer.

Nick’s sister lives in Krakow and his family are having a big get together with their friends out there this year and so that explains our trip out there, although I’ve wanted to visit Krakow for some time now and so I’m sure I would have ended up out there in the near future anyway.

And the big one: Panama and New York. With a bit more holiday time than we usually get we decided to take the opportunity to go further afield. Being travel lovers with three weeks to spare and the world at our fingertips it took us a while to figure out where we wanted to go. The only real specifications were that we wanted somewhere exotic and fairly inexpensive. Surely there are a wealth of places to visit that were available to us! The problem was, however, that travelling during the summer holidays is much more expensive than we quite realised. We were shocked at just how much more flights were to travel in July and this ended up limiting our options somewhat. We narrowed it down to Malaysian Borneo and Panama, with me arguing for the East that I so love and Nick taking the side of Central America, a land of sloths and surfing. In the end we settled on Panama, lured by the opportunity to explore a new continent and a little concerned about the apparent threat of terror attacks in Borneo. While looking for the cheapest flights I could find to Panama, I noticed that they all stopped over in New York and so I decided to see if it would work out any cheaper to book them as two separate flights. It turned out that it would save us each about £30 to book them separately and this way we could also have a few days in New York, and so we are off to both Panama and New York! We will have one night in New York before flying onto Panama. We will then have seventeen days in Panama, travelling around the country in search of dense jungle, Caribbean beaches, surfing and wildlife before heading back for another two nights in the Big Apple.

I have to say  I’ve not really been very interested in visiting America in the past, particularly the US, but now that we are all booked up I can’t wait! I am even starting to daydream about future plans to the States. We have a rough plan of a route through Panama, which we had to do as there is so much to see in such a sort amount of time and we didn’t want to end up missing out on some of the really exciting stuff. I’m sure we’ll end up deviating off it though. For New York my only desires are to get a coffee from an all night café and eat enormous slices of pizza. Nick’s only real plans are to sit up all night in a jazz bar. We’re easily pleased!

And so look out for new pages that will be added to the blog at the end of the summer telling you all about our exciting trips and just what we got up to! x