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Month: July, 2012

Hungary in one week!


One week today I’ll be flying off to Hungary for a glorious two weeks holiday! The first week will be spent in Budapest for five days of festivaling at Sziget, and then the last week we will be staying at Nick’s parents’ house by lake Balaton.  Going to be me and nick along with a group of our friends so it’s going to be very different from any of my holidays so far this year. Keep an eye out for a full blog on my return full of exciting news about the festival; I’m sure I’m going to have plenty the funny tales to tell!



I’ve been really enjoying keeping this blog, being able to share my experiences with anyone who will listen, but it’s also starting to make me really frustrated that I don’t have more interesting and adventurous tales to tell.  It’s been near three years since I last went backpacking and as much as I’ve had amazing times on the holidays I’ve taken since then, and realise how lucky I am to be able to go on them, it’s just not the same as real travelling.  I thought these little trips would keep the travel bug at bay for a while, but if anything it’s made me even more frustrated than ever that I’m not getting out and really experiencing the world.  I also feel that this blog would be so much more interesting for you readers if I had some real adventures to write about.  All I can do for now is apologise and promise you that I am trying my hardest to make future trips more intrepid with the limited time I have at the moment.  I hope you get something out of this blog as it is now and keep coming back to it as I’m going to make sure I have some truly adventurous tales to share with you soon!

Amsterdam on thursday!

I’ll be jetting off for my first ever trip to Amsterdam with Nick on Thursday evening for long weekend so expect a proper post about it some time early next week, (don’t worry I won’t be spending the whole trip sitting in a coffee shop getting stoned so there will be plenty to read about)! Can’t wait! x


Hello and welcome to my new travel blog!  It is a space for me to share some of my holidays and adventures with any one who might be interested.  I’ve decided to keep the information from 2012 onwards as it would be too much trouble trying to post about previous adventures but if you are interested in hearing stories or getting advice about other places I have been (mainly southeast asia) then let me know and I will be more than happy to share.  Up the top you will find links to pages about specific places I have been, whereas this page will be reserved for updates about future trips as well as general chit chat.

I am trying to keep the posts mostly about my personal thoughts and experiences but am also including some helpful information about hotels and companies for any one looking for some advice.  The first few entries have been back dated and so there is less about my personal thoughts and more reviews, but from now on I’m going to try to update posts at the time so you will get more of an insight into how I really feel about a particular place or experience.

I’m not just here to share my own stories though, I’d also like to hear if you have had any similar or contrasting experiences in the places I’ve visited, so please feel free to leave comments.  And if you would like any further information or advice about a certain place then please do ask, I’m happy to help as much as I can.

Hope you enjoy reading!


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